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Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

All Recipes Privacy Policy

All information left with us through contact, e-mail, requests,
recipe submission and or exchange, personal contact or by and
for any other purpose is held in strict confidence.

Your personal information will never be sold, traded or otherwise
given to a 3rd party for any reason without your full consent.

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Disclamer: About the copyrite:
There has been a bit of confusion about the wording of the copyrite notice on the site or sites, so I thought I'd take a minute and clarify. I am not an expert on the topic, but I have researched it some. Keep in mind copyrite with respect to the Internet is a fairly new concept and mostly untested in the legal sence.  With that aside, here are my words on the matter.

Copyrite applies to creative, original works. There are many things that are not copyriteable, one of which is a technique. Hence you can't copyrite a recipe.

However, you can copyrite the specific words used to describe a recipe. You can copyrite a unique collection of recipes  such as a cookbook.

You can copyrite the design and original content of a Web page. Copyright 2002  All Recipes.  All rights reserved.

Our copyrite notice is worded strongly because on more than one occasion there has been unauthorized use of the database. One justification was that at the time, no copyright notice was displayed. (This argument does not hold as the Berne Convention states copyright doesn't have to be explicitly declared and that copyright is automatically granted to the author of any original work.) This particular misuse occured when over half the database was accidentally deleted when I moved this web site ( including the copyrite notice ) and the notice was overlooked when the database was restored.  Copyright 2002  All Recipes.  All rights reserved.

It has been mentioned to me that since I take or recieve the recipes from a public source  that they are in the public domain. If I were keeping a straight FTP archive or an unaltered news archive such as the one on NBC News, CBS News ect., that might be true. However, I edit all the recipes, file and organize them, and have spent hundreds of hours in the process of doing so, turning the this site into an ongoing creative process.

There is heated debate over whether or not Usenet is in the public domain or if any article is treated as a correspondence/publication and therefore copyrighted by the author, and consequently what another entity may or may not do with Usenet articles, but that topic is beyond the scope of this essay.

I wish to make clear that by putting the recipes  in my database, in no way am I claiming to revoke the copyrite of the message originator. I will remove recipes upon request and also any copyrited material that I was not aware of. Also I will not archive recipes that say "do not archive" or that have a copyrite decaration or the X-No-Archive header. The rec.food.recipes FAQ does say that recipes from the newsgroup end up in this archive; I proceed on the assumption that this is common knowledge. If I take recipes from other places (which isn't often) I will mention on the forum that I'm doing so. I try to be sensitive to other people's concerns.  ( NOTE ) I have no copyrite on any clip art, gifs, or some photos found on this site. I have contacted the rightful author and owners to these and have been granted permission to use and post them on this site. There fore, your right click by your mouse has been disabled on many pages with the respect to the owners of copyright material. This website design and the layout has all been copyrited by All Recipes Recipe Source with a copyright notice on the pages that I hold a copyright on. Copyright 2002  All Recipes.  All rights reserved.

What are you allowed do with the recipes? A lot.

You may print out or download recipes for your personal use. You may download the entire page to your personal system, so long as it's for your use only.

You may give printouts of recipes to your friends, relatives and associates or forward them copies of recipes in email.

You may use recipes for socials, bake sales, parties, and any other occasion where you might need to prepare a menu item.

You may post individual recipes to Usenet newsgroups or mailing lists. If you do so, please say you got them from here (so I don't rearchive and end up with duplicates). http://allrecipes.tripod.com

You may freely post the URL to the net and let other people know about the web site (this activity is encouraged!). http://allrecipes.tripod.com

Permission is granted to reproduce a small number of recipes (50 or less) for educational or informational purposes, such as newsletters, reports, papers, newspaper articles, school assignments, cooking classes, and the like.

Permission is granted to use a limited number of recipes (300 or less) for community type cookbooks, provided you credit the site URL somewhere in the book. If you do this, please consider sending me a copy of your cookbook to the postal address below.

Permission is granted to publish the URL and/or up to 5 screen shots of individual webpages in a book, magazine or similar publication.

Permission is granted to use a small number of recipes (50 or less) for promotional purposes (i.e. handing out recipe cards at your cafe).

Permission is granted to make static links to single pages on the site. We recommend that you link to the top page only (http://allrecipes.tripod.com) to help reduce dead links. (Tripod.com has no affiliation with the archive whatsoever - they serve as the hosting site only - and they tend to get upset when people write them asking about dead links. Please don't bother them about it).

Permission is NOT granted to provide an alternate user interface to this site (a search engine, for example).

Permission is NOT granted to reproduce the database in part or whole on any other publicly accessible website or medium such as CD, print form, etc.  

Finally, if anyone thinks they're up to the task of building their own database from scratch, more power to you! I do it mainly by directly saving articles out of cookbooks, e-mails' grocery stores, church groups, clubs ect. These recipes end up in the "Incoming" directories, which I edit and post on this site to share with others for there use and enjoyment.  

I hope this clears up any previous confusion and staves off  future misunderstandings.

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