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The Many Ways Of Camping
My own essay on the Ways Of Camping Life, be it in a tent, a trailer or a very large RV.
We all share the same feelings. The outdoors. Freedom to be ourselves. Maybe the weekend getaway or a short trip to some new place. So what ever you have it's yours and you are going to enjoy your time away from the city, your everyday job or just many other reasons. Bottom line is enjoy your self, forget about the other person.
So what is it all about? Enjoyment my friends, enjoyment. Let the Gypsy life out. Roam and do what you want.
What is a full timer? My answer to this is they live in what they have all the time. Usually at the same place and they don't move. What is a Snow Bird? These folks move around the country as weather changes. Many have a home base and return at times. Another words, they are the same as campers but stay longer in one spot. Well then, what is a camper? My first answer is a person that has a home. A weekend person and just wants to get away from the everyday life and enjoy there selves. So the bottom line is, what ever category you are in, enjoy your style.

We consider ourselves in each one of these categories. We were full timers for many years, our home was our 5th wheel. We lived in Arizona in a Trailer park for 3 years. Then onto Illinois for 1 year. There we became a Snow Bird. The snow started and we left and landed in Texas. Our home today, but not before many changes. Full timing is not a dream come true. Believe me my friends, this is fact. Truth is though, we would not have traded any of this for anything else. Has been a life long experience for us. We are both now retired and have our home base. Home.

A few words of advice. For camping, think about how you are going to do it and enjoy it, and also your investment. A tent is one of the best ways you can start out, little or no investment. See if this is for you and your family. You can go out for a weekend and have a good time. If this suits you, then move up to a different way of camping.

What should I move up to? That is your own decision. My advise, not that it matters, the tent served its purpose, but now you don't want or need another tent. Your tent is now history and so you need something better, correct. Don't waste your money on a pop-up. It's nothing but a tent on wheels. Your tent cost you up to hundreds of dollars, the pop-up costs up to thousands of dollars. There is no resale value on a pop-up. Stay away from them. The next question is, what do you have to pull something with? If you want to camp, now you might have to invest.

Your choices and options:
You must consider what you want. Slide outs, Awnings and extras.
Class A, B or C.: From large motor homes to the smaller shrunk down ones. These are the top of the line and you will pay dearly for them. New or used, depending what you are looking for. From about $ 20.000 up to $ 300.00 or more. You will also need to have a transportation vehicle to get around. You will have to pull this?
5 th wheel: We would and do consider this the number one choice. Full time, part time or some time. This is your house on wheels. Take it where you want and stay as long as you want. You will need a large truck to pull these with. A 5 th wheel hitch and that's about all. You also then have your truck for transportation. Price from $ 10.000 up for a nice one.
Pull trailer:  The good thing about camping. You can go almost anyplace. These come in so many size ranges that you have your pick as to what you need and how you are going to use it. You really don't need a special vehicle to pull it with, but you do need a special hitch. Keep all this in mind, this could be a good investment.
Pop-Ups: no comments, a waste of money. You get what you pay for and the dealer rejoices that you bought it.
And then the tent: We all started there and have many memories.

Safety wise: All RVs are only as safe is you are. How you drive or pull your RV makes all the differance in safety. We have never had a class A, B or C RV. Our choice for safety is the 5th wheel. They pull as if they were not there behind you. Hardly no sway or movement. The 5th wheel RV also mounts in the bed of your truck and is very easy to hook-up or un-hook. We have also had the basic RV pull trailers. At time these can be dangerous do to sway. You should have a special hitch and the sway-controlls. Note, this dose not elimate all the sway. So, now you know our thoughts and the choices are yours. Also, we do not drive or pull in rain, ice or snow. We park it and just enjoy our selves. There is always a nother day to hit the road. Be Safe.

Our last thought on all this as said. Most of all, consider how and what you will use your choice for. Size also matters, we have moved up so many times because we did not have enough room. A RV with a slide-out will give you lots of extra space and the comfort of home, after all this is your home on the road.

With some of this hopefull you can make your choice.  Maybe we will see you on the road or be your camp neighbors some day. Look for the white Ford Diesel truck pulling a white Signature Series LTD 5th wheel.

Happy Camping and Happy Trails.