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I can remember when we first went camping. It was in our tent and had no food. We were really ready for the out-doors. So we thought. Many years have passed since then, we now camp in a 5th wheel, but nothing has changed and we are always still ready for that next trip. We have put these together to help you be more prepared.

Camping:  Plan a pretty good idea of where you are going, and how long you will be there, so that you can tailor what you bring to fit the specific needs of that area. A suggested list of what could be needed.
Backpack: Sleeping Bag and Pillow(s): Small Ice Chest: Towel & Washcloth: Soap or Body wash: Flashlight & Lantern: Matches in a waterproof container: Batteries ("AA," "D" and "9-volt" should cover most everything): Scotch and Duct Tape: Axe (for splitting firewood): Rope: Laundry Detergent: Clothesline: Cooking equipment: Eating utensils: Food, Water: Rain Gear: Folding shovel: Old Shoes: Aluminum Foil, Baggies, Trash Bags.

RV Basics:
These are additional items that you should be sure to bring with you when you go RV'ing. Take what you need, but don't get excessive, it is a lot easier to pick up something that you missed than to deal with having an over crowded RV. This list of basics has almost everything an RV'er might need, so take away (or add) things to make a list that works for your trip. Remember, it is always best to be prepared.

RV Supplies: In addition to the items that you probably store inside  your RV, the following are reminders.
Kitchen Items: Bottled Water: Snacks: Sugar (packets make it easy): Spices: Salt and Pepper: Cooking Oil: Coffee: Tea / Cider / Hot Chocolate: Boxed Juices: Pots and Pans: Cooking Utensils: Silverware: Tablecloth: Kitchen Towels: Pot Holders: Cutting Board: Kitchen Rags: Coffee Cups: Dish Drainer: Can Opener: Knives: Napkins: Paper Towels: Trash Bags: Aluminum Foil: Liquid Detergent: Matches: Paper Plates:

RV Supplies: In addition to the items that you probably store or carry  with your RV, the following are reminders!
Exterior RV Supplies: Flashlight: Portable BBQ: Charcoal & Lighter Fluid: Lawn Chairs and Towels: Bedding: Stove Lighter: Toilet Paper: Tissue Paper: Wisk Broom and Broom: Bungee Cords: Tools: Toilet Chemicals: Window (windshield) Cleaner: Jumper Cables: Electrical Cords: Work Gloves: Sewer Hose: Fresh Water Hoses: Tire Pressure Gauge: Propane: 

Most of all, if you travel with pets, don't forget about them. They are your camping buddies.

Lets not forget about our pets. A few reminders for Fido and Missy.
Pet needs: Bowls: Food: Leash: Collar and Tags: Doggie Scoop: Necessary Papers & Health Certificate: Vet's Phone Number: Familiar Blanket, Bed or Rug: Toys: Treats: 

This should do it for you. Be sure that you have everything you need before you go, even make a list of your inventory so you can tell if you loose anything. The most important thing is to have fun! Have a great trip!

Happy Trails and Happy Camping!