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RV Recipes


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Hash Brown Treat 110

Hash Brown Treat:
1 package shredded hashbrowns (if using boxed, rehydrate with water and drain)
Sausage (bulk, fried and crumbled) or Chopped ham or Crumbled fried bacon
One small onion chopped (or 1 tbls. dried onion)
One garlic clove (or garlic powder or salt)
1 8 oz package grated cheese (your favorite)
6 Eggs beaten well
PAM spray or vegetable oil

This can be cooked in a skillet, Dutch oven or regular oven. Spray bottom of pan, put hashbrowns on bottom, place meat choice on top of hashbrowns, mix onion, garlic with eggs, and pour over hashbrown and meat mix. Top with cheese and bake 30 minutes or brown on stove top, cooking potatoes and meat first, then add egg mixture, turn once and when done add cheese until melted. Great served with homemade salsa or chili.