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RV Recipes


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Needles Fish 120

Needles Fish:
Fresh fish fillets
Fresh pine needles

A few years back we were camping and fishing many miles northwest of Denver, Co.. We had no cooking utensils, but we were hungry and had a few big keepers on the stringer. We pulled ashore, built a small fire, filleted a fish and cut a few saplings to roast the fish over the fire. After hers was cooked, my wife accidentally dropped hers onto a carpet of pine needles. She picked it up brushed it lightly to remove the needles and ate it.

Hey , this really tastes good, she said. I thought she was making the best of things, but she persuaded me to take a bite. She was right. The pine needles gave the fish a nice, distinctive flavor. Since then we have done this purposely many times and have not been disappointed. Add fresh needles to the fire or a cast iron pan during the last few minutes of cooking.