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RV Recipes


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Fish Wrap 97

Fish Wrap:
fresh catch of the day
1 small onion
2 potatoes
2 carrots
zucchini or squash (optional)
salt and pepper
salad dressing

Gut and scale your fish, but otherwise leave it whole. Wrap fish, vegetables, and spices in a heavy duty foil wrap. Place a liberal amount of salad dressing on fish and vegetables. Italian is best, but Ranch, Raspberry, or some other favorite will work also, experiment. Close the foil tightly so as to keep steam in during cooking. Place on medium heat grill or near coals of campfire. Cook gently until potatoes and carrots are cooked the way you like them. The hardest part is judging the heat needed so that things don't burn, but end up being cooked. Remember the salad dressing will steam the vegetables.