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Breakfast Recipes 2
Whether you are sleeping in a very large RV with all the amenities or in your two-man tent with a campfire, there is one inevitability that must be faced if you are to have a great camping trip. Breakfast!
What a wonderful way to start your day of adventuring with one of these great recipes. You're on vacation and the last thing you want is to be a slave to cooking. Most of them are quite fast and some have very little or no cleanup!
Breakfast Recipes
With some planning and some of these excellent tips and ideas, you can be on your way for the day in a very short time with hearty fuel in everyone's system! Get creative and have some fun. Be sure to send us your ideas and successes! We would love to hear from you and share what you have with all fellow campers.   Use the link below to share with others.
Doughnuts ( Range Top )
Canned biscuits
About 2 inches deep oil
Heat up your oil in a pan. Drop biscuits in the oil and fry. It only takes a few seconds to brown them; flip over. Drain on a paper towel or napkins and shake cinnamon and sugar over the top. Great, the kids love them....
Notes: Buy the cheapest biscuits you can find. They all taste the same.
Fried Biscuits ( Range Top )
Canned biscuits
Butter or margarine
Place a teaspoon or so of butter in the skillet and melt. Then separate biscuits either in half vertically or horizontally. (This keeps the biscuits from not being done in the middle and burned on the outside.) Place half biscuits in skillet with butter and cook slowly. This recipe is also for those who have a pop-up or tent without an oven.
Light Pancakes ( Electric Griddle )
2 cups self-rising flour
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup fat-free sour cream
1 to 1 1/2 cups milk (depending on desired consistency)
Mix all ingredients and pour on heated griddle. Cook until golden brown on one side, turn over and brown on other side. Serve with lite margarine and sugar-free syrup. Also good with lite fruit and fat-free whipped cream.

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